Which Womble Are You?

Which Womble are you?


Find out with our fun quiz!
Q1 – It’s a sunny morning and you wake up early. Do you:-
A.     Close your eyes and try to get 40 more winks
B.     Look for your copy of The Times
C.     Go and wake everybody else up
D.     Fiddle with your alarm clock because it rang a couple of minutes late
E.     Look at the sun and wonder about the mysteries of the universe


Q2 – You’re asked where you’d like to go on a day out. Do you say:-
A.     A picnic with lots of cake and biscuits and lemonade, and some more cake
B.     A trip to Buckingham Palace, Balmoral or Sandringham
C.     You don’t know – and you stick your finger on a map at random to choose
D.     You’d rather stay in your workshop because there’s lots of repairs to do
E.     A field trip to see how many types of flora and fauna you can find


Q3 – You’re asked which famous human you would most like to meet. Do you say:-
A.     Any famous chef, especially if they cook large portions
B.     The Queen, because you remember her great-grandparents
C.     The Prime Minister, so you can tell him how to run the country
D.     Sir Clive Sinclair, because you could help him with new inventions
E.     Professor Brian Cox, because he brings science to life


How did you do?


If you answered mostly As – you’re a typical Orinoco, fond of food and sleep and less keen on anything which gets in the way of either.


If you answered mostly Bs – you take after Great Uncle Bulgaria, the oldest Womble and a great respecter of royalty (he’s not called Bulgaria Coburg Womble for nothing)

If you answered mostly Cs – you’re a bit like Bungo, who’s quite loud and bossy but just a tiny bit impractical

If you answered mostly Ds – you’ve a lot in common with Tobermory, who keeps the Womble burrow going with his never-ending talent for fixing things

If you answered mostly Es – you’re not a million miles away from
Wellington, the most studious and enquiring of all the Wombles. 


On the other hand…
If you’re more at home doing the cooking and cleaning, you’re a ringer for Madame Cholet

Or if your idea of heaven is a good heavy physical exercise, muscle-bound Tomsk is your role model.


We hope you enjoyed the quiz!

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